Introducing The Musings Podcast!

Good news!

Starting this week, I will be doing a podcast called “The Musings” on a platform called Gametakes, an app for iOS (download here). I will try to post podcasts multiple times per week (in addition to articles, of course), and the podcasts will essentially cover my opinion on the baseball news, results, trades and other stuff from around the league. I’ll also probably dip into some fantasy baseball stuff, but that won’t be a majority of the podcast.

My articles will be more focused on in-depth takes (like the Rhys Hoskins article I posted last week and the article I’ll be posting later this week…), and some of my podcasts will probably make reference to my articles and vice versa. I’ll post all the podcasts on my blog so you can listen easily and spread the word!

I’m really looking forward to adding this aspect to my blog, and hopefully you are too. If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, now is a good time so you can be up-to-date on all my podcasts and articles. More content will be coming your way soon!

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