You’ve established one pitcher as the best on your staff—batter for batter. You then:

1. Artificially restrict his innings.

2. Keep him from the most important parts of the game.

Does this make sense? Short answer: no.

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Major League Baseball Botched the Cardinals Hacking Case in a Huge Way

Chris Correa, the former director of scouting for the St. Louis Cardinals, reportedly gained unauthorized access to the Houston Astros’ online system, Ground Control, in 2013 and 2014. He stole a plethora of information, such as trade targets, proposals, and prospect rankings and draft evaluations. At the time of the leak, it was not known that the Cardinals were behind the hacking, but in 2015, the Cardinals came under fire by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for allegedly perpetrating the hack and leaking the documents. Those allegations ended up being true; Correa was sentenced to 46 months in prison, forced to pay a fine of roughly $300K, and handed a lifetime ban from baseball.

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The Nationals were the real losers of the Chris Sale trade

On Tuesday (December 6th), Chris Sale, strikeout machine, perennial Cy Young contender, and five-time all-star, was dealt for top prospects 2B Yoan Moncada and SP Michael Kopech, and two low-level (SP Victor Diaz and CF Luis Alexander Basabe) prospects. Both teams benefited from the trade in one way or another; the Red Sox acquired one of the best pitchers in baseball […]

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I’m Thankful for the New Collective Bargaining Agreement

I know we’re a week removed from Thanksgiving, but late on Wednesday night, the MLB Players’ Association and the MLB owners agreed to a new five-year collective bargaining agreement. You can read all the available information about the new pact here; MLB Trade Rumors is updating the page as more information about the new deal becomes available. The new CBA brings about a litany of changes to Major League Baseball, but, unfortunately for Cubs SP Jon Lester, one thing that did not make it into the new agreement was the elimination of pitchers needing to throw over to first. Sorry Jon, maybe you’ll have more luck in 2021.

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