Dan Le Batard, I’m Actually With Commissioner Manfred On This One

Throughout the interview, Le Batard kept asking Manfred whether he knew the new ownership would be cutting salary. Manfred said the commissioner’s office does not get involved in player personnel decisions. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen but the fact of the matter is that the Marlins are doing what they are doing in an effort to win baseball games. Perhaps not in the immediate future but it looks like the long-term plan is to shed salary so they can rebuild from the ground up.

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Dusty’s Gotta Go

Baker has managed four different teams for 22 seasons total and has captured only one league pennant. He has only won one playoff series aside from the year he took the Giants to the World Series. If you take all of the postseason series he’s managed, he’s 3-8 all-time, 3-9 if you include his 2013 Wild Card Game loss. He has a 23-32 record, good for a .418 postseason win percentage.

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The Home Run Derby Curse Does Not Exist

Aaron Judge has struck out at least once in every game since the All-Star break. In the second half, he’s triple-slashing .169/.329/.355, a far cry from his .329/.448/.691 batting line from the first half of the season. Among qualified hitters in the second half, Judge has the third-worst strikeout percentage, the fourth-worst batting average, and the seventh-worst whiff rate. Still, the numbers show that the HRD Curse is not real.

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